AI based environment vocal description for blind and low-vision individuals.
A-Eye uses machine-learning combined with augmented reality to provide a vocal description of the environment for blind and low-vision individuals.
1. Get a vocal description of your environment.
2. Read texts.
3. Get your current location.
4. Scan distance to objects using the radar feature (radar vibration intensity indicates distance to objects)
Intuitive touch interface
One tap on the screen to get the environment description.
Swipe right to read a text.
Swipe left to get the current location.
Swipe up or down to adjust speech rate.
Long press to activate/deactivate the radar.
Privacy policy
A-Eye is a free app. This service is provided at no cost and is intended for use as is.
A-Eye doesn't collect or store any personal data. A-Eye doesn't require any subscription.